Jewellery Care

With the right care, your gold will hold its glitter for a long, long time. Diamonds in particular need some maintenance, and ideally should be cleaned everyday. Here are a few pointers that will help you keep your jewellery at their gorgeous best.

Different pieces require different methods of cleaning and maintenance. Do not subject them all to one common way of cleaning.Choose a place where you’re least likely to lose a piece. By the side of the sink is a bad idea, for a piece could slip down the drain.

Do not expose gemstones to saltwater or harsh chemicals like chlorine or detergents.

Diamond pieces can be cleaned with ammonia and water as long as pearls are not present in the ornament.Use a soft brush dipped in warm water and a mild detergent to clean your jewellery

Hair spray, lotion and perfumes could dull down the shine of your jewellery. Ideally, wear your jewellery last, while getting ready.When taking them off, wipe with a clean soft cloth to remove oil and perspiration.Never wear them while doing household chores.

Get your jewellery cleaned and checked professionally for worn mountings, loose prongs, etc. every once in a while. Have white-gold re-plated and platinum repolished to keep them in their originalcondition.


Use a toothpick to remove the dirt between the prongs. Make a solution of 4 parts cold-water and 1 part very mild dishwashing detergent. Soak the pieces for several minutes. Lift out and tap gently around all sides of the mounting with a soft brush. Rinse the pieces in the solution once more and drain on tissue paper.


Heat up an appropriately sized container of water and dissolve a large amount of table salt into the water. Use enough salt such that it takes at least a minute to dissolve in the hot water with constant stirring. Shape a liner for the container from aluminium foil and place the foil in the container of hot water. Place silver that has been previously cleaned with soap into the bath for several minutes. Tarnish should dissolve away. For stubborn spots, remove and clean with soap and a damp rag before re-immersing in the bath.


Use only cloth to clean pearls. Never use anything abrasive like brushes and the like. Also it’s recommended that you get your pearl necklaces re-strung once every five years.


Use a soft, clean brush such as a makeup brush and take out the dust from the crevices


Be sure to store your jewellery carefully in fabric pouches or cases with soft, well-lined interiors. Store pieces individually.

Use tarnish-resistant cloth and cases to store silver.